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2017 Biology Camp


​Year 12 Moreton Island Marine and Biology Camp – 6 to 10 March 2017

“The excitement commenced right here at school, on Monday, for our 6.00am departure by coach to connect with the 60 m “Micat” vehicular and passenger Ferry to the, what history since 1991 has etched into this school’s repertoire,  was  ‘the best event in what this school has offered’; the annual 5-day camp on Moreton Island.”

“Just being on a small ship was exciting, but I just did not realize what was to come … Four wheel driving, rough roads, beautiful natural capital my eyes could feast on, trees, marshes, massive beaches, hill looked like mountains, man, you name it, I was blown away, just so totally forgot about everything … my head opened up to this new adventure. I am in the BEST school ever!”

“This was a little sad,… one of our service providers from Sun Rover became unwell with cardiac chest pains which looked like heart burn in a bad way. Under our noses, we witnessed first aid, consent, which took a while, 000, ambulance, being made ready for a MEDEVAC, and guess who started this whole process?  Yep, our teacher! What a life experience!”
Following the medevac our camp was short a cook and driver till replacement came, yes, you guessed it, “Barnacle” drove a 4-wheel drive, Lee [good on you mum] became main cook and Trudi filled the other gaps to keep us happy and functional. Forever, this amounts to a big thank you to these three from the bottom of our happiness.

“Hey! Whatever comes next, well, there is not enough space!  I cannot see why we are stuck inside buildings to learn so much more and in such an accelerated manner.  Our hearts were with our brains we were just on top of all the surprises of awesomeness with what these teachers could offer. We learned, for some of us, for the first time, to dedicate one hour of study time after dinner, make the most of briefs, participate in all the activities and most of all working harmoniously in a big team causing visible synergy to make evolutions happen with gusto [sorry that is Mr T’s word, he helped me with ‘word smithing’ here]. We applied maths, read novels, did physics, biology, used our mobile library for tasks and attended to our Chemistry tasks.”

“We had all sorts of logistical things happen that could wreck proceedings for any school, yet Mr T and Mr Q gave so much “out of the curriculum” life experience and right down to sanitation events. They are proper “dads” and definitely are not just legends in their own lunch box [sorry they are my words]! Yep, and their humour matches their dad status!”

New talent!  Our beloved Trudi is a skilled flambé chef! She was asked how she did it; Trudi’s answer was a nonchalant: “…’twas a singe!” 

“We talked about this quite a bit at camp, we do want other students following us, to experience the joy of learning in this epic way. All I can say is lucky this is an annual event and my other lovely teachers would be able to plan assessment around this fantastic event. As my own teacher back at school did for me.”
“Sorry we wrote/talked a whole lot more, but that would be a book. Yes, students of the past are correct, best high school experience ever!”
Thank you Bracken Ridge State High School. This event was just so gorgeous!
Story collated from students writings and conversations.